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An aromatherapy massage is a special treat for many reasons. Being mainly used as a means of relaxation, pain management, and mood improvement, massage therapy also includes a variety of extra elements and essential oils aimed to enhance the effect of the therapy. An aromatherapy massage is generally considered a form of complementary medicine that involves using roots and plants with healing properties.

At Amatouch, we aim to provide you with the best treatment and experience imaginable. Our therapist will primarily gather information about you, your health and your preferences during a consultation. Before we start to deliver our service, we need to figure out your individual preferences to choose the best blend of essential oils. As a rule, we mix three to four essential oils with a carrier oil, which absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream for a better healing effect. Making a blend of essential oil suggests that the person handling the procedure should be experienced enough and have a clear understanding of every step of the process.

At Amatouch, we have a deep understanding of essential oils and a lot of intuition. To ensure we provide you with the best service, our specialists need to consider all health symptoms, the underlying causes of your health disorders, and all emotional factors being involved.

By making blends of essential oils, we let you inhale or absorb them through the nose. As a result, your body starts producing relaxing and sedative neuro-chemicals, involving beneficial emotional effects.

During the Aromatherapy massage, we use the blend of vegetable oils such as:

  • Sweet Almond, Sunflower or Olive Oil are one of the basic carrier oils used in massage. It’s nourishing and good for all skin type.
  • Jojoba Oil is very close to the sebum of the skin and has a balancing effect. Although, it doesn’t add any nourishment to the skin.
  • Avocado Oil is a perfect choice for dry, mature skin.
  • Calendula Oil is mostly used for treating venous problems.
  • Hypericum Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that soothes the inflamed nerves that cause neuralgia, sciatica, and fibrositis.
  • Wheatgerm Oil promotes the formation of skin cells.
  • Comfrey Oil is well-known as one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs with a healing effect for broken bones.

For a face massage, we use Rosehip Oil to reduce wrinkles and signs of premature aging and Apricot Kernel Oil, which is a perfect choice for making facial massage blends.

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