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The Benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology

Vitamin deficiencies, fussy eating habits, morning sickness. It’s a miracle if no one goes off the rails during pregnancy. Many pregnant women find their pregnancy uncomfortable and tiresome, sounds familiar? Sometimes this discomfort can lead to a miserable experience for mother and baby and to a difficult birth, especially if your body hasn’t been given a chance to adjust to changes.

Fortunately, reflexology can significantly help you on a physical, emotional and energetical level. It is a hands-on technique that prepare you for your baby’s arrival and provide you with a safe way to relieving pain during labor and after your delivery date.

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “The feet are the roots of the tree of life.” And, in the eyes of reflexologists around the globe, it couldn’t be more accurate.

Why is Pregnancy Reflexology good for you?

Pregnancy is an important time in everyone’s life, and I’d love to help you in any way that I can. Many pregnant women always say that pregnancy reflexology has made a massive difference for them, a study has found that over 90% of pregnant women who receive pregnancy reflexology report feeling more relaxed and at ease during their pregnancy. They also felt less anxious about labor pains and less stressed about having a C-section. Of this group, 81% reported that they could relax during labor, which resulted in a quicker delivery for them and their baby.

We know that labor can be one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life, and most women believe that pregnancy reflexology can empower expecting women to feel calmer and more confident when labor starts. They believe that pregnancy reflexology makes things easier for mum’s to be to understand their body and what they need to do during labor, ultimately resulting in a faster, more relaxed delivery.

Why does Prenatal Reflexology work during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of significant change in a woman’s life. It is normal to experience a wide range of emotions and physical discomforts. Reflexology can help to bring balance to the body and mind. Here are some of the advantages of prenatal reflexology.

  1. Improved blood circulation:
    Prenatal reflexology alleviates the swelling of your feet and ankles, which is a common problem during pregnancy.
  2. Reduced pain:
    During pregnancy, your body produces the hormone oxytocin that loosens the ligaments in your body, joints, and muscles. Prenatal reflexology can reduce the pain in your back, pelvis, and other areas through relaxation.
  3. Better sleep quality:
    Prenatal reflexology can help you sleep better during pregnancy by reducing stress and anxiety.
  4. Reduced labor pains:
    Many women have found relief from pain during labor with prenatal reflexology sessions. It relaxes your mind and body and prevents back pain and leg cramps during labor.
  5. Increases Energy Level:
    Reflexology increases energy levels, reduces water retention, and promotes improved sleep patterns for both mother and baby.

What is Labor Reflexology?

Pregnancy reflexology for labor is a therapeutic modality that focuses mainly on the feet to promote hormonal balance in the body to prepare your body for your due date. Reflexologists use a specific digital pressure techniques on reflex points on the feet that correlate to organs and glands of the endocrine and reproductive system to help you deliver on your due date and encourage a relaxed labor

Is Pregnancy Reflexology safe?

Pregnancy reflexology is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can help you relax and unwind. Towards the end of your pregnancy, it has also been suggested that reflexology can help to prepare you for labor by encouraging your body to work more efficiently. If you want to try something different but don’t know where to start, then here are some of the key points to remember:

  • A qualified therapist should carry out the reflexology treatment.
  • Reflexology should be a pleasant experience. If you’re not comfortable, let your reflexologist know, as she may be able to adjust the pressure or position slightly.
  • It’s vital that you feel relaxed and at ease during a reflexology treatment.
  • You should have no problems with reflexology if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or epilepsy. However, these conditions might make it harder for your body to cope with labor, so speak to your midwife about your options before trying anything new.

As your due date approaches and you can’t sleep, relax or even eat without pain, it is time to look for help – what else can you do to manage your pregnancy and labor pain? Pregnancy reflexology could be the answer, it is a proven technique. By relieving blocked energy stored in an organ or area of the body that may be causing an imbalance, a reflexologist can restore your body to optimum functioning and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a regular reflexology treatments without lifting a finger – unwind and trust your reflexologist.

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