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Offer the Gift of touch and relaxation

A human touch helps calm our nervous centre, slows our heartbeat, lowers blood pressure, quiets the response to stress, triggers the release of the emotional bonding hormone, oxytocin, decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. 

A massage can positively impact someone’s life by increasing their relaxation and reducing the stress that can take both a physical and emotional toll on them. It can also give them the physical connection that they’ve been craving. 

Offer your loved one something sweet… a massage.  It gives them a chance to reconnect with their authentic self and gives their body a chance to recover. 

Our body is either in exponential growth and development or in the midst of transformation. Many people strain their bodies with competitive sports, get erratic sleep, and consume a less-than-optimal diet.  Massage can help muscles recover from overuse and help balance the body and maintain that stability.

The benefits of massage therapy include reducing stress, decreasing pain from muscle soreness and tension, increasing relaxation, improving circulation, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and boosting immune function. 

Perhaps even more crucial, massage can help improve body image and sleep patterns, and contribute to decreased depression, anxiety, and stress. 

When a human is deprived of touch, it affects their entire body both physically and emotionally. 

Touch deprivation correlates with anxiety, depression, and immune system disorders. Unfortunately, touch deprivation is common. Over the last few years, quarantine, and isolation to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a lack of both physical and emotional connection among people.

Thankfully, there is hope at the end of the tunnel, get in touch with your body, and feel human connection with a massage or spread kindness with the gift of touch.

Any changes, even the positive ones affect everyone in the family.   Life transitions, undergoing a career change, relocating, experiencing menopause, retiring, grieving, or coping with changes beyond your control, can make anyone take a step back from life.  Massage can be a great support in keeping family members healthy in body and mind and regular massage can help enjoy easier movement, decrease anxiety, improve circulation, and uplift the mood.

Try a new approach for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or any other day, treat a loved one (or yourself!) to something special …a massage.

If you are solo right now, give yourself a special treat and acknowledge yourself as the special person you are. If not, consider indulging your partner with an experience of an Amatouch Signature Massage.

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