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Amatouch Policies and FAQs

Amatouch Policies

Appointment Only
All services are by appointment only. I am here to help you relax and offer a variety of different appointments – mornings, afternoons and evenings. Please try to give as much notice as possible to secure your favourite day and time. The best way to make a booking is online so that you can get a text/email reminder one day prior to your appointment. Alternatively, you can send me a text with the preferred day and time of your treatment. I will always confirm your appointment via text or email.

Cancellation & Lateness
24-hours advance notice is required when cancelling an appointment. Cancellation without 24-hour notice will result in a charge for your session, as that time has been set aside specifically for you. Please arrive in time for your appointment. If you arrive late your session will still end at the scheduled time to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Full payment for your session will be expected. This policy applies to gift vouchers as well.

Contraindications for Massage
The following are contraindications for massage, meaning that you cannot receive any massage therapy:

  • Cancer patients immediately following chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Infectious or contagious conditions
  • Fever
  • Under the influence of drug or alcohol
  • Phlebitis
  • Blood clots

Medical Conditions
If you have a medical condition, and depending on your expectation from the massage, it may be necessary to refer you to your own GP or recommend another therapist – I can only work within my own parameters and professional boundaries. I require written approval from your doctor for the following conditions:

  • After recent surgery
  • Cancer
  • Severe heart or circulation conditions
  • Diabetes with complication

Chronic Conditions
If you have a chronic condition that is not strictly a medical matter, you may still be able to have a massage. However, it depends on the condition. Regular sessions can even help manage pain and stress from chronic conditions. Ensure that you inform your GP or Consultant that you are receiving massage and/or reflexology to support you in your journey to wellness.

Amatouch Policy on Sexual Advances
Massage Therapy is absolutely non-sexual and our services are strictly professional. Any advances, sexual references or inappropriate remarks of any kind will not be tolerated. It will result in the immediate termination of the session and full payment will still be expected.

General FAQs

You can conveniently book an appointment online through the website. Alternatively, you may also text me with your preferred day and time. I’ll confirm your appointment beforehand.

Payment is due at the time of service. I accept Revolut or cash at my studio. Online payment is made via debit / credit card or Paypal.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations without 24-hour notice will incur a charge for your session.
  • I take care of my own personal hygiene and health at all times and ensure that correct hygiene procedures for a massage treatment are respected.
  • I wash my hands before and after each treatment and use anti-bacterial gel and wipes.
  • I use clean towels for each client.
  • Stones are washed and disinfected using surgical spirit after each use.
  • Worktops and professional equipment are cleaned with the use of appropriate chemicals.
  • Disposable items are opted for as often as possible.
It is best to postpone your appointment if you feel unwell or have a fever or infectious condition. This helps to prevent the spread of infection. It also gives your body time to recover so you can gain the full benefit of your massage.

For your first visit, I will ask questions about your health and will fill out a consultation form to determine any contra-indications and to obtain your consent for the treatment to be carried out.

A treatment plan will also be designed at this stage and I will take time to explain the course of the treatment. I will also check if your GP consent is required, depending on your personal medical history and health conditions. If your health is good there should be no objection to proceeding.

I will then leave the room while you are changing. If you are getting a full body massage, you will only keep your underwear on as I will provide you with towels so that you are properly covered.

To proceed with the treatment, I will assist you on the massage table.

The treatment plan determines which part of the body will be treated and any area in need of more attention due to aches and pains. It also takes into consideration areas to avoid due to local contra-indications e.g varicose veins.

A full body massage consists of feet, back/front legs, back/neck/shoulders, abdomen, arms/hands, Scalp/face. However, each treatment can be customised according to your needs and specifications, within an agreed length of time.

There are times when I may refer you to your own GP or recommend another therapist. This will be due to your medical condition, your expectation from the massage or if I am unsure of whether to proceed with the treatment. I can only work within my own parameters and professional boundaries.

A fully informed consent is a process by which a fully informed patient can participate in the treatment being carried out and agree for the massage or other treatment to take place. It is part of a holistic approach to health.

  • You are told about the possible risks and benefits of the treatment.
  • You have the chance to ask questions.

That is why it is important to complete a consultation form fully and design a treatment plan.

Specific FAQs

During a reflexology session, the therapist applies pressure to specific points on your feet, hands, and ears to stimulate corresponding areas in your body.

While prenatal reflexology and pregnancy massage are considered safe, we recommend waiting until the second trimester. As with all our therapies, we ask that you consult your healthcare provider before booking a session.

Fertility reflexology is a form of therapy that involves stimulating specific points on the feet and hands to help balance the body’s systems, potentially improving fertility.

Prenatal reflexology is a therapy during pregnancy aimed at alleviating common discomforts, promoting relaxation, and preparing the body for childbirth. Prenatal reflexology is safe at any stage of pregnancy, however, we recommend waiting until the second trimester. As with all our therapies, we ask that you consult your healthcare provider before booking a session.

Some treatments like reflexology or Indian Head Massage can be performed fully dressed, however if you are getting a full body massage you will need to disrobe and only keep your underwear on. You will be provided with towels and I will be using appropriate draping techniques to make sure that your modesty is protected at all times. Only the part of your body being massaged will be exposed during the treatment. Blankets will also be available to keep you warm at all times.

The massage will start on the back, using massage techniques and strokes. I will be using gentle effleurage and kneading strokes and concentrate mainly on the shoulders and lower back muscles. I continue to massage deeper in the muscles and use cupping and hacking strokes when necessary. These are rhythmic massage movements and are more invigorating to the group muscles.

During a full body massage only the parts of the body being massaged are exposed. In order to protect client modesty, you will be draped in towels during the entire session.

Next, I will proceed to the back of the legs moving from the foot and ankle to the tops of the thigh. Feet take our weight all day, so firm thumb pressure on the arches and balls of the foot feels good.

I will then assist you to turn over, put a pillow under your head and knees, and massage the front of the thighs, knees and feet, the same way as the back of the legs.

The same motion on the leg will then be used on the arms and hands. Fingers and palms are used to massage the arms, from wrist to shoulders while the thumbs will be pressing very firmly when massaging the palms with long smooth strokes.

I will then massage your abdomen to facilitate digestion, unless otherwise instructed. The abdomen area is a delicate part of the body and can hold strong emotions such as anger, so if you wish it can be left out.

Finally I will massage your face and scalp, beginning at the top of the head massaging the scalp, using firm circular motions with fingers, turning the head to one side and massage one side of the neck, then gently turning it to the other side.

Where there are waste products or toxins to be cleared from the body, you may experience a healing reaction that can take the form of a runny nose, increased perspiration or increase bowel movements.

Examples of contra-actions during a treatment or during first 24-48 hours:

  • Intensified emotional reactions
  • Tiredness
  • Aching muscles
  • Disturbed sleep
  • A healing crisis where symptoms become worse before beginning to improve

Those reactions represent a loosening of body tensions and can be evidence of improved functioning. In general, after getting a massage clients feel relaxed, rejuvenated and uplifted.

I am a certified ITEC Holistic Massage & Reflexology Therapist and IFPA Aromatherapist, who continues to expand my knowledge in various holistic treatment modalities. I am registered with the National Register of Reflexologists (NRRI) and I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association.

Yes, I will issue receipts for your treatment. You will need to check with your own health insurance provider whether the treatment is covered under your plan.

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