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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is generally considered a special type of massage therapy with a range of advantages and benefits over a traditional massage. It’s especially effective for those who want to relax and ease tense muscles throughout their bodies. 

During a hot stone massage in Dublin, heated stones are placed on specific body parts. The Dublin massage therapist uses stones made of basalt, which has a smooth, flat surface. Hot massage stones are heated to a temperature between 130 and 145 degrees to achieve the best effect. 

Hot stone massage should be the best choice for everyone experiencing muscle tension and pain, insomnia, or stress. The hot massage therapy is also often recommended for people with chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort to patients. However, a doctor should examine the patient and prescribe the treatment in such cases.

Hot stone massage has many benefits. Let’s enumerate some of them. 

  • Heat helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Due to hot stone, patients have a better blood circulation, which provides for a better blood flow to the affected areas. 
  • Hot stone massage reduces stress and anxiety. It’s a perfect recommendation for patients looking for stress relief. 
  • Massage is a good alternative to sleeping pills. 
  • It may also relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 
  • Hot stone massage therapy can also help decrease cancer symptoms. 
  • It may give your immune system a boost. 

Multiple studies show that hot stone massage is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s the best choice for patients looking for a solution that can help them ease pain and muscle tension. 

After the hot stone massage therapy, patients may feel sore caused by deep tissue manipulation and pressure. There should be no painful feelings. If you feel uncomfortable during the procedure, please let your therapist know about it. 

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