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Pregnancy Massage at Amatouch: Your Pathway to Maternal Wellness

Supporting your journey to motherhood with the art of touch therapy

At Amatouch, I celebrate the unique journey of motherhood and understand the profound physical changes your body undergoes during this transformative period.
Research shows that massage is safe at any point in pregnancy, however, you are more likely to have a miscarriage during the first 3 months of your pregnancy. I prefer to wait until after the first trimester and I can only accept your booking after that period.
Pregnancy Massage is more than just a luxury; it’s an integral part of your prenatal care routine designed to support the distinct needs of expectant mothers. My approach goes beyond traditional massage techniques. I infuse each session with a soothing blend of aromatherapy and touch therapy to provide a memorable experience. Each massage is a step towards alleviating stress, improving sleep, and preparing your body and mind for the beautiful journey of motherhood ahead.
For your comfort and the safety of your baby, pregnancy massage is performed sideways on both your right and left side. Side-lying allows me to work on your lower back without putting pressure on your bump. My massage table is extra wide and extremely comfortable. I can adjust the back and the feet to your exact preference and use pillows for extra support between your knees or elsewhere if necessary.
(I do not recommend the use of a pregnancy massage table with a hole cut out in which your uterus sits as you lay down on your belly. This is neither comfortable nor safe.)

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes. A massage at Amatouch can help you navigate these discomforts caused by pregnancy changes to your body. Informed by centuries of therapeutic massage practices, I apply mild pressure to the body’s muscle groups, addressing many common discomforts caused by the skeletal and circulatory changes of pregnancy. My focus is on inflamed nerves to release tension in nearby muscles and support your overall well-being and comfort through aromatherapy, massage and touch therapy.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy include:

  • Reduced back pain;
  • Reduced joint pain;
  • Improved circulation;
  • Improved symptoms of depression;
  • Improved mental well-being;
  • Reduced swelling and edema;
  • Reduced muscle tension and headaches;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety;
  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles;
  • Better sleep.

Here are just a few transformations that our pregnancy massage can help you adjust to:

  • The uterus increases 5-6 times in size and about 20 times in weight by the end of pregnancy;
  • Maternal blood volume gradually increases 35 to 50 percent;
  • Cardiac output rises 30 to 60 percent;
  • Oxygen consumption increases by 15 to 20 percent, and the respiratory rate rises to meet this need.

How Pregnancy Massage Helps You Prepare for Labour

Amatouch’s prenatal massage therapy can help you prepare for the birthing process in several ways:

  • Release chronic tension in the lower back, abdomen, and inner thighs;
  • Increase your awareness of tension and teach you how to consciously release it;
  • Improve your confidence and outlook towards this time of many changes;
  • Helps you practise focus and relaxation breathing techniques.

Meet Catherine Roe

I am a certified ITEC Holistic Massage and Reflexology Therapist and IFPA Aromatherapist. Each session at Amatouch is a testament to my dedication in promoting internal body balance and wellness. I believe in a tailored approach to each massage session, and adjust the therapy according to your unique needs and comfort.

Please share with me your “giving birth precious moments”, after your newborn has arrived. I want to know all about your labour experience and how it feels to be a new mum. As I understand it, the joy of being pregnant is quite different from the joy of nursing, yet touch is still such a vital component of the bonding process that is taking place between you and your baby.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

Are you ready to embrace the healing touch of pregnancy massage?
Call for a consultation, or book your pregnancy massage treatment straight away. I’ll help you select the best time to schedule your appointment, guiding you on this beautiful journey towards maternal wellness.

Enhance Your Pregnancy Massage with the Power of Reflexology

Prenatal Reflexology complements your massage experience by focusing on specific reflex points to promote balance and well-being during pregnancy. It aims to create a more balanced and harmonious environment for you and your baby and is a holistic approach to your pregnancy journey.

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