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For many centuries, therapeutic massage has improved overall health, reduced stress, and relieved muscle tension in patients. Pregnancy massage is an effective solution that helps reduce symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. A prenatal massage through mild pressure applied to the body’s muscle groups addresses many common discomforts caused by skeletal and circulatory changes during pregnancy.

Prenatal massage therapy can help you prepare for the birthing process in several ways:

  • release chronic tension in the lower back, abdomen, and inner thighs;
  • increases your awareness of tension and teaches you to release consciously;
  • increase your sense of confidence;
  • practice focus and relaxation breathing techniques during your massage.

A relax body can improve your outlook in life, making everything seem easier during this time of many changes that is pregancy.

A woman’s body undergoes significant changes during 40 weeks of pregnancy. At Amatouch, we understand the importance of delivering exceptionally professional assistance to women during this special period of their life.

A weekly pregnancy massage can help women adjust to physical transformations, which include but are not limited to:

  • the uterus increases 5-6 times in size and about 20 times in weight by the end of the pregnancy
  • maternal blood volume gradually increases 35 to 50 percent
  • cardiac output rises 30 to 60 percent
  • there is a 15 to 20 percent increase in oxygen consumption, and the respiratory rate increases to meet this need

Amatouch therapists address the needs of the women’s bodies. More specifically, handling the inflamed nerves help release the tension on nearby muscles.

Other benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • Reduced back pain;
  • Reduced joint pain;
  • Improved circulation;
  • Reduced swelling and edema;
  • Reduced muscle tension and headaches;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety;
  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles;
  • Better sleep, etc.

Give us a call for a consultation or book your pregnancy massage treatment straight away. An Amatouch therapist will help you select the best time to schedule your appointment.

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